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Imported Beer

Imported Beer

Belgian Beer

These days, Belgian beers are sold in brown, or sometimes dark green, tinted glass bottles and sealed with a cork, a metal crown cap, or sometimes both. Some beers are bottle conditioned, in which they are reseeded with yeast so that an additional fermentation may take place.

Belgium Beers

Canadian Beer

The Canadian beer industry now plays an important role in Canadian identity, though globalization of the brewing industry has seen the major players in Canada acquired by or merged with foreign companies, notably its three largest beer producers, Labatt, Molson and Sleeman

Canadian Beers

Czech Republic Beer

Nearly all beer brewed in the Czech Republic is bottom-fermenting. This varies in color from pale through amber and dark to black. The strength of the beer ranges from 3-9% abv. Top-fermented wheat beer is also available.

Czech Republic Beers

German Beer

There are approximately 1300 breweries in Germany producing over 5000 brands of beer. Established in 725 and brewing since 1040, the Benedictine abbey Weihenstephan brewery is reputedly the oldest existing brewery in the world.

German Beers

Irish Beer

Historically Ireland produced ale, without the use of hops as these are not native to Ireland. Even in the late 18th century hops were not used, when almost all other countries had adopted the use of them as an ingredient to preserve and flavor their beer.

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Italian Beer

Beer is known and drank in Italy since ancient times: even if Etruscans, Greeks from the Magna Grecia cities and Romans favored wine, they brewed and consumed the blond drink.

Italian Beers

Jamaican Beer

The beers of the Caribbean are unique to each island in the region. They are available in lager, shandy, light etc. The beers vary between the islands to suit the taste and the brewing method used.

Jamaican Beers

Mexican Beer

Since before the Spanish conquest, there had been fermented alcoholic beverages in Mexico. The brewing industry truly began to develop in the latter half of the 19th century, due to an influx of German immigrants to Mexico.

Mexican Beers

Netherlands Beer

Pilsener is the most consumed type of beer in the Netherlands. Also, some Dutch brewers emulate Belgian beer styles such as white beer and abbey beer.

Netherlands Beers

United Kingdom Beer

Over the last 50 years lager, which previously accounted for only a small proportion of beer sales in the U.K., has become Britain's most popular variety of beer. Lager is brewed for longer than other beers, hence undergoing further carbonation, and producing more 'fizz'.

United Kingdom Beers



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